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LRU Cache for Node

Project :
Developer, Javascript, Data Structures ยท A super fast cache for node with LRU policy. Cache will keep on adding values until the maxSize is reached. After that it will start popping out the Least recently used/accessed value from the cache in order to set the new ones. Supports expiry and stale. Implemented using doubly-linked-list and hashmap with O(1) time complexity for gets and sets. Got featured in node-weekly and has 300+ weekly downloads.

Node Skeleton

Project :
A boilerplate for building node.js apps. Contains configuration for both local and social authentication. Basic CRUD APIs are also implemented to quickly test and set up the connections. Follows MVC principle and best practices to lay out a node project.

Project :
A web app to "watch" any subreddit. Fetches videos from any subreddit and converts them into a playlist. Includes filters like hot, top of all time, top of year etc. Also includes featues such as shuffling the playlist or watching a random video.

MEAN skeleton

Project :
A Todo App built using MEAN stack for quick starting web apps, containing social and local auth, CRUD and best practices to organise codebase. Authentication is done using passport.js (session based authentication) and is handled by server, Angular getting bootstrapped after the authentication has been finished.

IMDb details lookup

Project :
A python script that lets you check the IMDb rating, genre, cast etc of a movie right in your system, without opening the browser. Right click on the movie, select "IMDb_Rating" from the context menu. A dialog box (windows) or a notification (linux) will appear containing all the information about the movie.

Messenger Yoda Bot

Project :
Right after the facebook opened its messenge APIs to the world, I build a bot to test and playaround with it. This bot replies you the same text as you have sent it but in YODA style :D

A song of ice and fire API

Project :
A node.js wrapper for AnApiOfIceAndFire. It contains all the functions provided by the APIs and also few extra ones, built using for ease of usage. Now in the APIs official documentation it is published as an npm module.